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The World's Easiest Platformer 
It's the 'easiest' platformer game. How can you possibly not finish the game? 
A meta game in a game where you play as a player playing a platformer, as you fend real world distractions out of your control to complete the game. (ps. It's meant to be frustrating) 

Controls (when available)
Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Space

This game was made in 48 hours under the theme 'Out of Control' for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam. You play through 3 stages, with new distractions introduced as you play. This is the first jam for most of us, and we have a lot more ideas we plan to be implemented after the jam. You can consider this a proof of concept! Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback so far. We hope you enjoy this game and look forward to the full version :)

Programming: flybymysky (nala)
3D Art: vanthegoh
2D Art: adiot, denise, michael
Music: Virtua_T
Special Thanks: Zayar


The World's Easiest Platformer (PC) 31 MB


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Make more levels, please!

amazing but maybe make it a little longer

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Awesome! I need a bird like that!

Bird Key Presser, I am going to use it to auto farm in some games.

Love this! The game was small and fun. The bird one got me mad though, lol. 5 Stars though! Love it!! 

Loved it!

Please, god, make more of this. I want to get as absurd as we possibly can!

You're up first in the video!

So cool :D Wish there was more.


Very meta. Good job!

Loved it! Really fun interpretation of the jam theme.

I really loved the concept of the game! Great job!

super fun!!

Very good game!

Thank you!

Dude! What the hell? Played it with my wife and we had to laugh all the time. Unfortunatly, no character spawned in stage 3

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Thanks for the review! Oh dear! let me see if I can replicate the bug (edit: bug fixed!)